REMINDER:  The Winter Moritorium will be ending April 15, 2022. If you need assistance to pay your utility bills, please contact WestCAP at 800-606-9227. Other resources are Operation Help, which can be reached at 715-386-0881, and Salvation Army at 715-246-1222. Contact us now to schedule a Deferred Payment Contract.

Save to Give Challenge

Challenge yourself to save energy, save money, and make a difference for local nonprofits.

New Richmond has been selected as one of a few cities in Wisconsin to participate in the Save to Give Challenge, sponsored by FOCUS ON ENERGY®, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable energy resource program.

Save Energy to Support Local Nonprofits

Save to GiveChanging just a few behaviors can lower your energy bills and help our community raise up to $25,000 to support local nonprofits. Participating in the energy challenge is a win for your wallet, a win for our nonprofits, and a win for the community!

How You can Save to Give

Beginning January 3rd, 2022, you can sign up for the Save to Give Challenge with MyAccount.

Then, during three one-month donation campaigns in January, April, and October, you can take the following actions:

  • Choose a local nonprofit you want to support
  • Explore easy and free or low-cost ways to save energy in your home
  • Record how you’re saving energy each week to earn donation points for your local nonprofit.

When enough New Richmond residents sign up and earn points for saving energy, local nonprofits share the prize money of up to $25,000 from Focus on Energy.

Who Can Participate?

New Richmond Utilities residential electric customers are eligible to participate.

Enroll in the Save to Give Challenge

To enroll and learn more, visit

Which Nonprofits Can I “Save to Give” for?

You can direct your support to the following nonprofits during the 2022 Save to Give Challenge:

Five Loaves Food Shelf

Will’s Playground

New Richmond School District SOAR Center

Want to Learn More?

Have questions? Email Brady Steigauf or call at 608.284.1756 for more information.