New Richmond Utilities is proud to recognize Lakeside Foods for their sustainability efforts. As a family owned, Wisconsin based premier producer of high-quality food products for the retail, food service and industrial sectors, Lakeside Foods has nine locations in Wisconsin as well as four others across Minnesota and Ohio. We are thrilled that Lakeside Foods chooses New Richmond as home to their 400,000 square foot plant and distribution center.

Sustainability is nothing new for Lakeside Foods. In fact, since 1887, they have worked closely with farmers to develop chemical processes and crop rotations that leave reduced environmental footprints. In addition to a focus on sustainability for farming and package design, Lakeside Foods is committed to ensuring that all of their operations run as efficiently as possible and they have taken action to make a big impact on environmental sustainability!

In recent years, Lakeside Foods has completed more than sixty projects in their Wisconsin facilities, addressing air leaks, implementing manufacturing process improvements and upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting. These energy efficiency projects have reduced the carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides polluting our environment saved nearly 10,000,000 kWh (kilowatt-hours) of electricity - enough to energize 1,127 New Richmond homes for one year.

Thank you Lakeside Foods for helping to make New Richmond a cleaner and safer place to live work and play!