REMINDER:  The Winter Moritorium will be ending April 15, 2022. If you need assistance to pay your utility bills, please contact WestCAP at 800-606-9227. Other resources are Operation Help, which can be reached at 715-386-0881, and Salvation Army at 715-246-1222. Contact us now to schedule a Deferred Payment Contract.

Key Contacts

Welcome! Meet our friendly, knowledgeable crew and staff at New Richmond Utilities. Perhaps you recognize some of us from a visit to our office or from seeing us in our trucks around town. Or, you may have run into us out and about in the community. After all, we are your neighbors and we live and work right here in New Richmond.

For general inquiries contact us at: (715) 246-4167 or email us at

New Richmond Utilities Staff


Susan Affeldt
Customer Service and Billing Representative
Rae Ann Ailts
Assistant City Administrator/Finance Director
Leigh Alexander
Customer Service Representative/Accounts Receivable
Stacie Running
Utility Office Supervisor
Kevin Blader
Foreman - Journeyman Lineman
Matt Brown
Jouneyman Lineman
Noah Wiedenfeld
City Administrator/Utility Manager
Jon Evans
Foreman - Water Operator
Sandra Heinz
Customer Service Representative
Pat Howell
Meter Reader/Public Works 1
Greg Hermansen
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Eric Knutson
Meter Tech /Locator
Adam Jackson
Water Operator
Mike Peterson
Jouneyman Lineman
Dave Pufall
Water Superintendent
Tyler Sharpe
Water Operator
Weston Arndt
Electric Superintendent
Steve Skinner
Lead Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Mike Strey
Low Voltage Lineman
Darren O’Flanagan
Journeyman Lineman