Minimize one on one contact: New Richmond Utilities encourages our customers to take advantage of online bill payment and account management tools.  Look for MY ACCOUNT in the upper right corner of our site. We also have three outdoor payment drop boxes located around the Civic Center.  The City of New Richmond will be operating under COVID-19 guidelines until further notice.  Please see press release for details.


Need to locate and mark underground facilities? We have that service, along with a few others that can help our industrial customers grow.  Call Diggers Hotline at 811 or (800) 242-8511

Rubber Goods Testing & Replacement

These services ensure the safety of staff and meet national, state and utility safety standards for the inspection and testing of electrical protective equipment.

Substation Maintenance & Repair

These services prevent costly repairs, reduce transformer downtime, reduce outages, avoid emergency repairs and extend transformer life.

Transformer Oil Testing

New Richmond Utilities offers a competitive and efficient method of testing transformer oils for PCB content, combustible gas, oil quality, moisture content, power factor, DBPC oxidation inhibitor, wear metals and viscosity to improve reliability and transformer life expectancy.

Weed Spraying

New Richmond Utilities provides effective, cost savings, season-long weed control on designated areas (i.e., substations, parking areas).


For more information, contact Weston Arndt, Electric Supervisor at (715) 243-0437.