Water Department

The New Richmond water utility was established in 1892, the first well was dug in 1901 and abandoned in 1933. There are now 5 wells in operation. New Richmond's first water tower was destroyed by a tornado in 1899. There are now two water towers in operation.

Our water department has four employees and a meter reader that also works with the electric department. The water department is regulated by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

  • Flouride .7 p.p.m.
  • Iron less than 1\10 p.p.m.
  • Flow rate 1.5 million gallons per day
  • Water pressure per square inch: Static 58 lbs. and Residual 55 lbs.
  • Chlorine is added to the water year round

Helpful Water Links

We have provided a couple helpful links to sites we think will be beneficial to you.

They are as follows:
Please click here for the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.
Please click here for the Wisconsin Rural Water Assoication.
Please click here for the ordinances pertaining to cross connection controls & private well abandonment. (Part 1 chapter 86, article IV, sec. 86-132 for cross connection and sec. 86-135 for well abandonment.)