How do I get on a budget plan?
Just give us a call at (715) 246-4167 and tell us you'd like to check into getting on a budget plan. In about a week you will receive two copies of a budget letter from us. You may sign one copy to be returned to our office and keep one for your records. That's all there is to it, you are now on the budget plan!

How do you figure a budget plan?
We do a 12 month history on your home, and divide that dollar amount by 11. This is your monthly payment.

How does the budget plan work?
We figure the amount you will pay each month. You then pay that dollar amount no matter how much your bill is. A budget plan is year-round, not seasonal, and in order for it to work you must pay your amount each month.

In December we will review each individual budget account to tailor it to your needs for the following six month period. In June we will reconcile your account and at that time you may owe money or you may have a credit. If money is due, we ask that it be paid by your next due date. If a credit due back to the customer is quite large, you may opt to leave it on your account and skip payments until it evens out, or have us refund it to you.

I am moving away. What do I need to do?
Call us at least 24 hours in advance. We will need the name your account is under, your current address, forwarding address, date you will be moving and account number, or you may chose to submit our online form.

Our meter reader will go to the address you are moving from and read the meters on the day you are moving. We do not need to get into your home or apartment for this. Nothing is shut off, so your service will not be interrupted if you are not completely finished with your move.

Your final bill will be sent during our next regular billing cycle.

I am moving to New Richmond. What do I do?
Come into our office at least 24 hours in advance. We will need the name you would like your account in, the address you are moving to, the name of the Landlord (if applicable), date you will be taking over the account, your most current previous address, phone number, driver license or social security number and if you are going to be an owner or tenant. To help protect our customers from fraud, we now require photo identification when starting accounts with our office.

We will have our meter reader read the meters at this address on the day you are moving in. The meter reader does not need to get into your home or apartment for this.

If you are buying a home you will want to check on any outstanding utility bills at this address.