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August 11, 2016 - In honor of National 811 Day, New Richmond Utilities would like to remind homeowners and professionals of the importance of contacting their local 8-1-1 call center before digging in the ground.

Underground utility lines, such as electric, communications, gas and water lines, can be buried just a few inches below the surface of the ground. Getting a professional to help locate and mark these lines with flags, spray paint or both will help prevent injury, unintended service disruptions, possible repair costs and fines.

The New Richmond Utility Water Department will be involved in a water main and fire hydrant flushing and valve operation program starting May 2, 2016.

This notice is to inform our customers that the flushing and valve operation will cause some areas to be without water for short periods of time and a decrease in pressure which may affect automatic flushing and pressure sensitive equipment.

Residents may also notice mineral particles in their water that can affect laundry operations. If mineral particles are detected, cold water should be run to clear out household water lines. If the problem persists, residents should contact the New Richmond Water Department at (715) 246-4167.
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