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New Richmond Utilities urges electric customers who are behind on their bills to make payment arrangements with the utility to avoid service disconnection. Wisconsin’s winter moratorium on residential service disconnection ends April 15. After that date, utilities statewide may begin to disconnect service to customers who are past due on payment of their electric bills.

New Richmond Utilities offers these 5 suggestions that will help you be more energy efficient. Not only is energy efficiency good for your community and environment, it can help you save money year-round.

  1. Build New Habits

    Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Plug groups of appliances into a surge protector and make it a habit to switch it off when not in use. Challenge your family to “unplug” for one hour every month, and make it fun by replacing screen time with other activities: play a board game together, visit a local park or go out for ice cream.
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