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The City of New Richmond and New Richmond Utilities have asked a number of residents and businesses throughout the City to run their water continuously to prevent service pipes from freezing. Please note that only the residents and businesses that have specifically been asked should be running water continuously, and they should continue to run water, even as outside temperatures rise, until notified in writing by the Utility Office. If you have questions, please contact New Richmond Utilities at 715-246-4167.

Due to the extremely cold winter temps this year we are seeing customers water lines freeze in locations where there have not been problems with freezing in the past. If you notice your water slowing down and really becoming discolored, this is a sign of freezing water lines.

Immediately turn your cold water on full force for 10 minutes and call the Water Department at 715-377-3164 for further instructions. If it is after 10 p.m. please leave the water run full force for 10 minutes, then turn it down to about a pencil width (1/4 inch) and let it run. Call the Water Department as soon as you can after 6 a.m. Label faucet - DO NOT SHUT OFF THE WATER.

If you are going away for vacation or even just a day or two this winter, please call the Water Department at 715-377-3164 a few days in advance for tips on keeping your water from freezing while you are away.


Due to the continued cold weather, and the current depth of the frost line, we are asking all residents and businesses to assist in the prevention of additional frozen water lines.

The City of New Richmond and New Richmond Utilities are asking all residents to run cold water for five minutes nightly and to check the water temperature at the end of those five minutes. (Running water in a bathtub is preferable). If the water temperature is below 40 degrees, please contact the Utility Office at 715-246-4167 for further instructions.

**For those that have already received a formal notice from the City regarding property specific suggestions, please continue to follow the procedures outlined in that notice.

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