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Getting kids excited about the concept of electricity and how to use it wisely requires creativity and humor. To help get the message across, New Richmond Utilities sponsored National Theatre for Children performances of “Space Station Conservation” at local schools in 2017.

Space Station Conservation features two professional actors who play a variety of characters in the 25-minute program. Students learn what energy is, the uses of energy, how energy is wasted and how to conserve energy. Performances took place at St Mary’s School and Paperjack Elementary. New Richmond Utilities sponsors the performances in coordination with the community’s not-for-profit power supplier, WPPI Energy.

“Energy efficiency is actually our lowest-cost power supply resource. By teaching our customers – and our future customers – the importance of reducing energy waste, we can reduce and delay the need for additional generation from power plants,” says Mike Darrow, City Administrator and Utility Manager.

New Richmond Utilities offers these 5 suggestions that will help you be more energy efficient. Not only is energy efficiency good for your community and environment, it can help you save money year-round.

  1. Build New Habits

    Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Plug groups of appliances into a surge protector and make it a habit to switch it off when not in use. Challenge your family to “unplug” for one hour every month, and make it fun by replacing screen time with other activities: play a board game together, visit a local park or go out for ice cream.
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