Before digging call Diggers Hotline at 811.

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Heating and cooling account for about 56 percent of energy use ó making it the largest energy expense ó in the typical American home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

For electric utility customers in New Richmond, rising temperatures donít have to lead to rising electricity bills. To stay cool with less added expense, New Richmond Utilities recommends taking the following simple steps at home:

  • Take advantage of nature. Keep windows open at night when temperatures drop and close them in the morning to keep the cooler air inside. Close blinds during the day to block some of the sunís warmth.

  • Turn up your thermostat to reduce the expense of cooling your home. A level of 78 degrees while at home and 85 degrees while away will help maintain comfort.

Scammers have started posing as utility companies to get money or personal information from customers. A customer in our community reported receiving a phone call from New Richmond Utilities demanding payment or their service would be disconnected within hours. New Richmond Utilities does not handle disconnections is this manner. We want our customers to be aware of these fraud attempts. Your information is safe with us! Call us at 715-246-4167 for verification if someone shows up at your door unexpectedly claiming to work for the utility, or if you receive an email or phone call requesting personal information or immediate payment via cash or prepaid card.
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